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It always amazes me how two kids who are seemingly raised the same can have such different personalities!  Ryan, who is 4, has always been content to do a puzzle, color, and read books for what seems like forever.  Meanwhile, Ava, who is 2, is my wild woman!  She walked at 10 months and has not slowed down since!  It has been challenging for me as a mom to find things that get her energy out, keep her attention, yet (somewhat) keep her contained!

I’ve figured out what keeps her occupied by trial and error so I figured it might be helpful for those of you with a spirited child to share what gets her energy out!  Although many of these are A’s favorites, Ryan loves them as well!  Win-Win!

Little Tikes Trampoline– Both my kids love this thing!  Aside from the giant grin that overcomes her face every time she jumps, my favorite part is that as Ava goes “go Ava, go Ava!” the entire time. It is adorable and hilarious.  I love that they have a way to get their energy out even on days we can’t go outside!

Ball Pit– This is one that I listed in my Early Toddler Favorites post!  6 months later, it is still a total hit!  I have rotated it out for a week at a time and every time I bring it back, it is guaranteed to keep both kids occupied for enough time to allow me to make dinner!  Why didn’t we have these things when we were kids?!?!  People always ask and I filled mine with 200 balls– I could even go up 100 more if I wanted to.

Little Tikes Jump ‘n Slide Bouncer Um, I was seriously hosed as a kid because no one had their own personal bouncy house when we were growing up!!! My kids LOVE this and I love it because I am able to sit on my patio in peace (until they start fighting).  Another toy to get energy out= amazing!

Ride on Toy– Ava and Ryan could ride this car around our basement forever!  Both kids have played with it since about a year and it has been well worth every penny. I can’t find the exact one we have but any toy with wheels they can ride on is a total win!

Bubble Machine Another repeat from my Early Toddler Favorites post!  Ava still LOVES running around popping bubbles with her Gazillion Bubbles Machine!  Both her and Ryan will run around shrieking & popping bubbles for what a seems like forever (or until I tell them the machine ran out of bubbles).   Plus, I do not need to use any energy blowing bubbles for them…yessss!

Exercise Ball-   Ava LOVES my exercise ball-she chases it, rolls it around and mainly tries climbing on it!  I always say that she is training as a ninja warrior and this is one of the ways she is doing so!  Glad someone is using it because it isn’t seeing much action from me these days!

Balance Bike– So, Ava isn’t there quite yet but we did get her a balance bike that I’ve stashed away for Christmas! I have a sneaking suspicion it will be a total hit so I’ve preemptively added it to the list!  Ryan absolutely loves his balance  bike and has for quite some time now.  I love taking Ava for a walk and Ryan on his bike to wear him out before bedtime! Plus, he looks so darn cute in that helmet!  He has a Strider bike and Joovy noodle helmet.

So there you have it!  Ava’s top toys that are sure to keep your energetic child entertained!!  Any other favorites you would add to the list?!

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