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Prime Day is bananas…B-A-N-A-N-A-S…sorry I had to! But seriously, if you have been part of my Facebook Shopping Group, you know that Amazon Prime Day has become the Superbowl of shopping days! Often the deals are crazy and it can be overwhelming- the biggest complaint I hear about Prime Day is “it wasn’t that good last year!” If that is your response then you NEED to follow me on Facebook because the deals have gotten better and better each year but you need to know where to look!

  • What is Prime Day? Amazon Prime Day started in 2015 to celebrate their 20th anniversary and each year after the deals have only gotten better! There will be discounts on every category you can imagine but get ready because the best deals sell out quick!
  • When is Prime Day? Prime Day will start July 15 at 12am PST and will run through July 16! Mark your calendar, stay tuned here and join my Facebook group Shop with Pink Rose Mama for updates!!
  • What Should I Expect on Prime Day? Historically there have been tons of ways Amazon slashes prices on Prime day– know the different types:
    • Deal of the Day- Deals that last for the day OR until they sell out- last year new DOTD deals were released every few hours!
    • Lightning Deals- deals that last a limited amount of time and sell out VERY fast
    • Codes- extra discounts you enter at checkout

Here are 5 Tips for a Successful Prime Day:

  1. Don’t get overwhelmed! Lighting Deals seem like the obvious choice of what to focus (and many people do) on but historically they have gone FAST…within seconds! This leaves people frustrated. Instead, keep checking in with the Facebook group for those hidden deals that might not be obvious-.
  2. Sign up for a FREE trial of Amazon Prime ! Signing up here will get you access to all the hot deals! Many deals on Prime Day will be for Prime Members only or will have “early access” for Prime Members so you want to make sure you are ready to go once it starts!
  3. Check the group wall in Shop with Pink Rose Mama throughout the day- DO NOT RELY ON FACEBOOK NOTIFICATIONS!! I literally do not sleep on Prime Day/night and will be posting deals as they come in! Often times there are deal stacks or codes that go FAST so you need to check the group and not rely on notifications. If you wait to be notified by Facebook, it may be too late!
  4. You can stack a baby registry completion on many deals! Pregnant? Make sure to do a baby registry on Amazon! It will take 14 days for a registry completion discount to come through so create yours asap! You will get the completion discount 60 days prior to the due date you enter in the registry!
  5. Make a list now of what you need on Prime Day! Paper towels, holiday shopping, birthday gifts, a new bike…the list goes on and on! There are SO many deals on Prime Day that it gets overwhelming. Start thinking about what you are looking for now and jot things down as you remember.

I am *so* excited for Prime Day 2019 and I hope you are too! Don’t forget to check out my post on the *huge* Nordstrom sale HERE!!!! Regular access begins right after Prime Day!

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