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I was a working mom up until 5 months ago and I lived by my schedule.  At work, I would follow a calendar and lived by to-do lists.  Since I’ve been home, I constantly feel like I am scattered, don’t know what is going on and feel like I am always playing catch up.  The super planner in me decided to make a to-do list, which morphed into a meal plan/to do list, which morphed into a full blown weekly agenda.  This is what my final product looks like:

Yes, it probably seems excessively regimented to others but I love it!  If I don’t know what is going on that day or later in the week, I just refer to my schedule which sits on my counter all week.  Here is what I added:

  • Lunch/Dinner- Mealtimes were particularly stressful for me because I never knew what I was doing until right before.  I know that adding a spot for Ryan’s lunch may seem silly but it helps me to have an idea of what he is going to eat before I have a whiny 2 year old and am under pressure to throw something together.
  • Learning Activities- Ryan goes to school 3 mornings a week but I try to work on some sort of educational activity each day.  This helps me plan my week out and get things ready ahead of time.
  • Appointments/reminders- I forget things all.the.time. so I use this section to jot down things I could possibly forget.  I add on things as the week goes on.
  • To do- this is for calls I need to make, chores I need to do, etc.  Plus, it is nice to check things off as the week goes on!

I decided to start attaching the schedule to a clipboard that opens to a compartment that holds papers.  In here, I put the  learning activities for the week, things I need to turn into Ryan’s school, coupons, etc.  I got it on  Here’s a link to the clipboard if you want to check it out! 
Maybe once life settles down I can get away from the schedule but for now it is working for me.  Although, I imagine once the kids get older and we have school, activities, sports, etc, things will be even more chaotic!  How do you stay organized?

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