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I will be honest-I am generally skeptical of product reviews on blogs.  I feel like I am reading one big advertisement and bloggers just rave about how great the item is. I then try the product and it is just “meh.”  I feel duped.  Although, I received this box from Kiwi Crate free of charge, I promise I will only give opinions that are my own and will tell it to you like it is!


Ryan received a Koala Crate, which is geared toward younger children.  It is a monthly box that “is chock-full of play-and-learn activities that engage the natural curiosity and creativity of preschoolers, plus imagine! magazine.” I mean, it has to be better than TV, right?  Our box’s theme was reptiles and came with a few activities: decorate a snake, decorate a turtle box, a game and a Highlights magazine all about reptiles.  

The crafts were cute and extremely easy to complete with ZERO mess!  Although I was needed for some parts (like stuffing the snake…how fun), Ryan was able to do a lot on his own.  The parent gets a super simple step by step guide detailing how to do each craft.  I found everything extremely user friendly and it definitely made me look like I knew what I was doing each step of the way.
Ryan’s favorite part of the box was the game.  I have received various boxes in the past and out of them all (to my surprise) this one held his attention the longest.  There were 4 different activities for us to do and although I had intended to just do the crafts and be done with it, the day quickly turned into reptile day! My husband came home all impressed that I had this whole educational day planned out.  
Stay at home mom win!
Kiwi Crate is $19.95 per month with free shipping and the price drops as you subscribe to more time.  So, a year works out to be $16.95 per box.  Do I think it is worth almost $20 a box?  For me, probably not.  I like figuring out crafts and I have tons of supplies on hand.  However, for a busy parent who wants to do crafts or someone who doesn’t want to be bothered coming up with ideas, buying the materials, etc. then definitely!  I would, however, absolutely buy these boxes with a promo code or discount.  It was really fun and I would love to try it again. 
 In case you were wondering,  Ryan is still obsessed with his snake days later!

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