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Over the past year, I have gotten more into caring about the way I dress and my love of Stitch Fix has definitely been a huge contributor of that.  I have heard of Le Tote but never really knew how it worked until a friend started doing it and explained it to me.  I thought it might be helpful to share my experience here.


How it works– The subscription runs monthly.  You receive a “Tote” with 3 pieces of clothing and 2 accessories (jewelry, scarves, bags, etc).  You can keep your tote as long or as short of an amount of time as you wish.  You mail it back in a pre-paid mailer and will be shipped your next Tote as soon as they receive it.  My friend typically gets 4-5 totes a month out of it (so about 12-15 pieces of clothing and 8-10 accessories).  If you love something you get, you are able to purchase it for a discount.  

You are able to browse through their styles and select ones that you like to put in your “closet.”  I like this concept better than how Stitch Fix relies on your Pinterest board because this is actual inventory they have. 

These were the instructions in my tote.
Without further adieu, here is what I got in my first Tote:
Ava Classic Cardigan- Yes, this is basic but it was SO soft and really flattering.  It was very simple but the shorter length was different than I normally wear.  I got lots of compliments when I wore it to gym class with my daughter so I consider that a win!

Summer & Sage Wrap Jacket- I *loved* this one.  It was really comfortable and I love the asymmetrical aspect of the piece.  My SAHM wardrobe is really boring for the most part so this definitely spruced it up!

 Summer & Sage Morgan French Terry Shirt- This one was super comfortable and just my style.  When I got it, it wasn’t as flattering as I had hoped so I did only wear it once.

Clement Mixed Metal Bangle- OMG loved this one!  I wore it several times over the week I kept my tote.  I sent it back but I am thinking I should have purchased it, that is how much I liked it.  

House of Harloww 1960 Pave Wrapped Cone Studs- Was looking for earrings to go with a dress I was wearing that week.  I liked these and they did the trick.  I think next time I would go for a necklace, though.
After trying it- my thoughts about Le Tote–  I *liked* Le Tote but think I would have *loved* it if I was working (their work clothes seem awesome!), pregnant or postpartum.  Some of the clothes were too dressy for me and as a stay at home mom, I guess my wardrobe tends to be a bit on the bummier side. 
It is $59 a month, which is on the pricier and more than I would pay for SAHM wear that no one except a 1 and 3 year old will see.  HOWEVER, if I could get a discount code (like I posted below), it is totally worth $29.50, in my opinion.
A couple things I thought I should highlight-
  1. I like that you are able to preview each Tote and edit it.  If you don’t like the clothes that were selected for you, you can simply swap them out for others!  
  2. You are able to purchase things you love at a discount.  When I looked into it for the bracelet and one top, the discount wasn’t substantial enough for me to go for it.  If I am buying something worn, I don’t think the discount should be a measly 30%.   I am thinking they don’t care about pushing the purchases at this time.  Womp, womp.
One more thing that I want to mention….Le Tote has Maternity!!!- Nope, I don’t need maternity at the moment but this concept seems GENIUS to me because my maternity wardrobe was terrible since I didn’t want to spend money.  I SO wish that I had known about this last year because it would have been so much fun to dress my bump in a different wardrobe each week.  For me, I don’t feel super confident while pregnant and having a nice, varied wardrobe would have helped.  Since you customize your Totes, you can dress your bump to the trimester you are in as opposed to dragging out a wardrobe because you don’t want to spend money on maternity.  

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