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Confession: I hate working out. Always have and thought I probably always would. I tend to exercise in spurts and when I get into a routine I will tolerate it but it is rare that I actually enjoy the act of working out.

Then came spin class. I found a class at my gym that I loved and got in to a decent routine of attending classes. However, there were barriers (and when you are a workout slacker, these things can derail you)- I had to reserve my bike a day ahead of time on an app- often times class would be closed out within minutes. Class times weren’t ideal- 6 or 8pm and factor in travel time, I was looking at 2 hours total. This became especially tricky during my busy seasons when I simply didn’t have 2 hours to give up during an already short 24 hour day.

I found myself in a rut and wondering what kind of workout I could incorporate into my live that would actually work for me. Insert the idea of a Peloton bike. After much research and debate with myself, I took the plunge and bought one! This is one thing that is actually WORKING for me!

There are so many reasons I LOVE my bike and I wanted to share them with you (especially if you are someone like me who doesn’t necessarily like working out and lacks motivation).

1. The classes. From every music genre, to various class lengths (I usually do 30 minute classes but sometimes will do 20 minutes. They even have 45 minutes for when I work up to it), to different instructors there is truly something for everyone! I love Cody’s live dj rides when I am feeling unmotivated and want to be entertained when I ride. I can always count on Jess Kind or Alex Toussaint to kick my butt when I need it. Best of all IT IS FUN!!! Let me repeat…I have finally found a workout I find FUN!

2. Travel time and class schedules aren’t a barrier. While there are live rides, I tend to ride my bike using the on demand classes. This way, I can hop on my bike during a break in work and do a ride that fits with my schedule. A huge thing for me is that my bike is in my office so no more stressing about wasting 20-30 minutes on travel time to/from the gym.

3. The leaderboard. As you take your class, you will see where you stand on the “leaderboard” of everyone who has taken the class. At first it left me discouraged since I often drop down as the class goes on but as time has gone on, I use it to try and beat myself. All class, the leaderboard shows me where I am vs my personal best during a class of that duration. It helps me get that little bit of hustle when I am not feeling it!

4. It is more than just cycling classes. The Peloton app and membership gets you not only cycling classes but also strength, abs, runs, yoga and a whole bunch of other classes! I love doing a ride and immediately taking a 10 minute ab or strength class to finish it off.

5. The community. Anything is more fun with friends and I love that there is a whole Peloton community! There are groups on Facebook (I am in the Peloton mom group) and after I bought my bike, a couple friends and family members bought them as well. I love that we can “talk Peloton” and share what rides we’ve done, what instructors we are liking and what milestones we are at. We can follow each other via the app, too!

6. The app- For a slacker like me, the app has been a game changer. Not only can I access a quick ab or yoga class but I can also check in on my personal profile. It shows me a calendar of my workouts and I can earn “badges” for things like how many rides I have done, workout streaks and monthly challenges. These things may seem silly and arbitrary but when you lack motivation sometimes you just want a badge that tells you “good job for doing 25 rides.”

7. The whole family can get involved! When I mentioned buying a Peloton bike to my husband his exact words were “you’re going to return that thing after 30 days.” Now, I get it- I don’t have the best track record but he started riding it and now it is part of his workout routine too! He rides it 2-3x a week and does ab workouts after. He is just as happy with it as I am and I love that about it!

8. It’s a great workout! The workouts range from beginner to more intense including HITT (high intensity interval training) and rides that incorporate weights. I love how much I have improved stamina and strength-wise since getting my bike! Seeing yourself get stronger and beat those personal bests is awesome and so motivating. Plus I always feel more energetic and better about myself when I am consistent about working out.

So…do I think the bike is worth it? Absolutely!!! I found something that removes the barriers I had with working out and that motivates me. I am so so so happy that we took the plunge and bought it. If you are on the fence I definitely recommend it. They now have a 30 day trial period so you have nothing to lose. You can go here to buy one. Once you do, you can follow me – PinkRoseMama ! I’ll see you on the leaderboard!

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