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Wahoo! You booked a Disney cruise! You are excited and ready for the trip of a lifetime…but feel lost on what to pack! Have no fear! Here is a list of must have items I bring when I cruise Disney with my kids:

Minnie and Mickey backpacks for the kids! I surprised my kids with the backpacks the morning of our flight!

Inside each backpack, I packed the essentials for our flight- Disney stickers, paper, snacks, kids’ kindles, games, books and headphones. Shop by clicking on each picture:


Water bottles– these are necessary on board because you can refill them and keep them in your room, by the pool, bring on excursions, etc. We ended up buying some cute Disney themed water bottles for everyone!


I am OBSESSED with my Lilly Pulitzer packable tote! I bring it folded up in my luggage then unfold it when we are going on excursions, to the beach or pool! It is a little pricey but so, so worth it!

Door Magnets– When sailing Disney, a big thing is decorations for your cabin door! There are a wide range of doors you will see on a Disney cruise. Some people go all out, some (like me) do a minimalist look and others don’t decorate at all. I liked having SOMETHING on our door to identify it among the hundreds of other doors along the corridor.

Click on the pictures below to shop simple magnets or personalized decor!


Packing cubes– These are a must have for anyone packing for a family! I have a different color for each member of my family and they are AMAZING !! Packing is so easy and I fit way more in my suitcase with all of our clothing organized in cubes! Bonus- after I unpack at our destination, I use the cubes to put laundry. When I get home, I simply dump the cubes with into the laundry! Grab yours here!

I always stock up on various trinkets for the kids *before* we sail because that stuff is expensive onboard! Autograph books, stickers, little toys, pirate gear, etc! Find what I have brought here:


Matching Shirts!!! Every family needs to get into the Disney cruise spirit with some matching shirts! Check out my favorites here:


Beach Items- I LOVE collapsible buckets that fit easily in your luggage! Chair clips for my towel are another must have (and when you get back, you can also use them to clip your swimsuits to the line in your shower) . Sidenote: no need to pack towels! There are plenty onboard . Shop my packing friendly beach essentials here:


At the end of the day, pack some clothes, remember all your family members and get ready to have a good time! Your Disney cruise will be the trip of a lifetime so the most important thing you can bring is a willingness to relax and HAVE FUN!!!!

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