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My name is Krista and I admit it- I swipe my husband’s razors in the shower…well, I USED to swipe my husband’s razors. I discovered Billie and I am a razor thief no more!

Billie is a subscription service for shaving! They have designed an affordable razor specifically for women. Their starter kit is just $9 and includes the Billie handle (you pick the color), magnetic holder and two 5 blade cartridges. After that you’ll get four cartridges delivered to your doorstep at the duration of time you select.

As per their website, “Our razors are built for a better shave: 5 sharp blades, encased in 360° of charcoal shave soap, with rounded edges to help you navigate those curves. Our products are free of toxins and bad additives — we only use premium, healthy ingredients (it’s better that way).” To this I say- FINALLY!!!!

I also grabbed some shave cream and lotion add ons since if I am going all out on this quality shaving thing, I need to go all out. They make body wash as well. If you are prone to bumps when shaving “sensitive” areas, I highly recommend the shave cream- it works very well for me!

For $9, this set is WELL worth it. The razor’s 5 sharp blades shave give me such a smooth shave and soft legs when I am done! I love that us women finally have a quality razor that is not only an affordable price point but is also designed specifically for US! The Billie razor far surpasses the drug store brand women’s razors I have used in the past. Try it out for yourself by clicking below (and shop the add ons while you are at it):

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