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Ava was crawling at 6 months, walking at 10 months and was running around full force shortly thereafter.  She is my little “ninja warrior” and although I am constantly telling her to slow down, she doesn’t seem to want to listen.  A couple days ago, one of my biggest mom fears came true.
Ava was running around our living room and I heard a familiar “thump.”  Generally, A is a pretty tough girl.  This time she cried hard so I  ran over and picked her up.  There was a nasty cut on her cheek.  Insert mom freakout. It was one of those moments where I didn’t feel fully qualified to be responsible for another human being.  How do I know what requires an ER visit?!?!
After a few frantic texts to friends (complete with pictures…sorry guys!), I brought her in and after a quick exam, I learned my poor baby needed a few layers of stitches.  As a mom it was absolutely heartbreaking to watch them stitch her back up but she was a total trooper.  After the procedure when we were waiting to be discharged, she even took a nap on me.  I couldn’t remember the last time Ava slept on me so I laid back and enjoyed the sweet moment with my baby girl.
We left with Doctor’s orders of ensuring she won’t run around for a few days (uh, ok) and not letting her sleep on that side of her face (does he realize she is ONE??  I’ll be sure to tell her that).  She is now back to herself and sporting tough looking bandage!
I can now check this off my list of “things my kids have done to give me a mini heart attack.” I deserve glass of wine!

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