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I often post subscribe and save deals on my Facebook page and group.   Since discovering it, Subscribe and Save has essentially taken away the need for me to go to bulk stores like Costco.  I buy many of of my household products, beauty items and more through Subscribe and Save!   I no longer have to lug a giant bag of dog food or wrangle a giant thing of paper towels while carrying bags of groceries into my house. These things are now delivered right to my door!

What is Subscribe and Save?
As per the Amazon website: with subscribe and save, “you receive a discount off the Amazon everyday low price, free standard shipping, and the convenience of automatic deliveries when you receive your subscriptions on your monthly Subscribe & Save delivery day. There are no commitments, obligations, or fees and you can cancel a subscription at any time.”

Why should I Subscribe and Save?
There are multiple ways to save with Subscribe and Save. Often, coupons are available on many subscribe and save items!  Here is the main coupon page where you can find items that have a coupon.  On the product page, you must click on the green coupon to “clip” it. You can filter the coupons by category (ie: baby, beauty items, etc).

 Additionally, you are offered a discount for subscribing.  Discounts currently are as follows and are on top of savings from coupon:

  • 1-4 items in your monthly shipment- 5% discount
  • 5+ items in your monthly shipment- 15%
Wait- I clipped a coupon?  How much of a discount do I get?
Coupon and subscribe and save discounts stack!  
For example:
You clicked a 15% mascara coupon and have 6 items in your monthly shipment. You would get the 15% coupon + 15% subscribe and save discount = 30% off

You posted that I have to click on the coupon to receive the deal.  Where is it? 
It is generally a green box found under the price.



The price didn’t change after I clicked the coupon!  Did it not apply?
Proceed with the deal and go to the “review subscription” or payment phase of checkout.  The discount should show up there.  Look at the example below- you see coupon savings plus subscribe and save savings.
Will my discounts apply for my next shipment?
Your subscribe and save discount would apply but any coupon savings are on the first shipment only.
Can I change the date on my subscribe and save shipment?
Yes!  Go into your Amazon account. Then click on your subscribe and save.  Under the date in blue, it will say “change delivery date.” Click that to change it! 
NOTE: When you go into your subscribe and save, if you click on the item, the price you see will NOT reflect your coupon discounts!  To see the price you paid, you need to go to your account, the your orders and click on the order details for that order.  The order details will show you the price you paid with coupons and s&s discount applied. 
I no longer want this item.  Can I cancel and how do I do so?
Yes, you are free to cancel at any time.  Go back into your subscribe and save items.  Click on the item and hit edit.  
Once you hit edit, then choose “cancel subscription.”  Easy as that!

Click the pictures below for some of my favorite current subscribe & save deals:

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